Our Advanced Real-Time Precision Monitoring Solution Can Enable Smart Decisions

We provide real-time micro-climate monitoring so you can create “stress-free” transportation events, drive economic value to all stakeholders, reduce loss, while also protecting our planet.

Welcome To Transport Genie

We make it possible to transport high value goods through our AI powered smart sensors and our robust framework.

We offer real-time alerts and use Blockchain technologies to keep an electronic record of activities throughout the transportation value chain.

We are also proud recipients of an Innovation Award for Excellence in Agriculture.

Transport Genie wins OMAFRA Innovation Award for Excellence

Improved Supply Chain

We help boost your customer service offerings and reduce operating costs by integrating our solution to your supply chain system.


We record hundreds of data points per minute to give context and insight in your business.

Easy To Use & Scale

Our system is wireless, easy to set up, maintain, and scale to in-barn or transportation environments.


Our sensors have been designed with a Circular Economy thesis to reduce electronic waste. We also have an innovative solution to help our customers achieve their carbon credit goals. Read more

Get real-time alerts and make informed decisions.

  • Real-time alerts
  • Monitor driver behaviour
  • Integration with other systems
  • Sensors have been built with a Circular Economy focus

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Why choose us?

We have a bespoke ecosystem that is modular; which can be adapted to many industries

Modular Design

We can accommodate additional sensors when needed.

Science based solutions

We work with various Canadian researchers to help us identify the best design.


We can help you provide data context and insights.

Bluetooth Low Energy

We use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to send data securely to our LinkDevice.


Our solution is adaptable to multiple species and various applications.

Real-time Alerts

We've built our own secure messaging protocol to provide real-time alerts and make informed decisions.

Secure Data Envelop

Data are delivered via our own Data Envelop protocol to ensure data security and integrity.

Circular Economy

Sensors have been designed to be easily refurbished and recycled to minimize the impact of electronic wastes.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

We partner with tree planting organizations to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint.


We're doing this for future generations

Circular Economy

  • Sensors manufactured in Canada adhering to strict environmental regulations
  • Sensors are easily refurbished and repurposed for next-gen products
  • Modular design discourages customers from throwing away our sensors, minimizing waste
  • We assist companies with their digital transformations efforts to reduce paper-based workloads
  • We promote T.A.D.D., an environmentally friendly way to clean and disinfect while minimizing the risks of biosecurity outbreaks

Carbon Credits

  • Tree planting partnerships
  • Independent science-based committee to calculate carbon sequestration
  • We donate a portion of our sales to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint

Our Ecosystem

  • Sensors are placed inside a transporation trailer

  • We record micro-climate conditions in real-time

  • Data is securely stored in the cloud

  • If threshold nears or exceeds certain markers, stakeholders will be notified to enable smart decisions

  • The goal is to ensure the optimal conditions of high value goods during transport to reduce loss, increase economic value, and de-risk transportation events

Our Technology In Action

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Our Sensors

Use the drop down list below to help you find the right sensors

Temperature & Humidity

We have created our own bespoke Temperature & Humidity sensor that is robust enough to survive the rigours of transportation. These sensors have an expected battery life of over 1 year and come in a tamper-proof ruggedized container.

Carbon dioxide and Ammonia

We have created our own Carbon dioxide and Ammonia sensor. This is important because high levels of Carbon dioxide and Ammonia could be a precursor to possible catastrophic events occuring while animals are in transport. These sensors have an expected battery life of over 1 year and comes in a tamper-proof ruggedized container.


We have created our own bespoke vibration sensor to understand the effects of vibration of livestock animals as they are being transported. These sensors have an expected battery life of over 1 year and comes in a tamper-proof ruggedized container.

Surface Temperature

Our surface temperature sensor has been specifically designed to ensure that the livestock trailer has met certain Biosecurty protocols. It is designed to validate thermo-assisted drying and decontamination (TADD) protocols and making sure that every part of your trailer has met these protocols. We are world leaders in the development of these surface temperatures in the application of disease monitoring on livestock trailers. Read more


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